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E-commerce is booming.


There are currently 24 million e-commerce sites and counting. And with only 12% of sales taking place online, you can expect there to be massive growth in the years to come.

目前有2400万个电子商务网站,而且还在增加。 由于只有12% 的销售发生在网上,你可以预期在未来几年会有巨大的增长。

So if you want to create an online business, one of the best ones to create is an e-commerce store.


But how do you market it? How do you grow your traffic? And, most importantly, how do you get sales?

但是你如何推销它? 你如何增加你的流量? 最重要的是,你如何获得销售?

Sure you can use tools like Ubersuggest to help you out, but what do you do if you need step-by-step instructions from the very beginning… especially if you have little-to-no marketing experience?

当然你可以使用诸如 Ubersuggest 这样的工具来帮助你,但是如果你从一开始就需要一步一步的指导,特别是如果你几乎没有营销经验,你该怎么做呢?

Introducing E-Commerce Unlocked


Over the next 4 weeks, I am going to teach you how to market an e-commerce website. From SEO to paid ads to even CRO… I am going to cover all aspects of e-commerce marketing.

在接下来的4个星期里,我将教你如何营销一个电子商务网站。 从搜索引擎优化到付费广告,甚至 CRO… 我将涵盖电子商务营销的所有方面。

And of course, all for free.


E-Commerce Unlocked is similar to my free SEO training course, SEO Unlocked.

电子商务解锁类似于我的免费 SEO 培训课程,SEO 解锁。

But unlike SEO Unlocked, which is a 7-week course, I thought it would be more efficient to get you the training you need in just 4 weeks.

但是不像 SEO unlock,这是一个为期7周的课程,我认为它会更有效地让你在4周内得到你需要的培训。

So, every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, I will release new videos to teach you how to get more traffic and sales to an e-commerce site.


And just like SEO Unlocked, E-Commerce Unlocked will contain worksheets, cheat sheets, PDFs, spreadsheets, and everything else you need.

就像 SEO 解锁一样,电子商务解锁将包含工作表、备忘单、 pdf 文件、电子表格以及其他你需要的东西。

Here’s the first lesson, which you can watch below:


Make sure you go here to download the worksheets that go along with it.


So what exactly will I learn?


As I mentioned above, it is a 4-week course. Here is an overview of what will be broken down in each week and in each lesson:

正如我上面提到的,这是一个为期4周的课程。 以下是每周和每节课将要分解的内容的概述:

Week #1


Lesson #1: Getting Started

第一课: 开始

  • Foundation methodology 基础方法

  • Strategies you’re going to learn 你将要学习的策略

  • Strategies & mindset 策略和心态

Lesson #2: Sales Channels

第二课: 销售渠道

  • History of e-commerce the timeline 电子商务的历史时间表

  • What is working in the e-commerce space 在电子商务领域有什么作用

  • Introduction to sales channels 销售渠道简介

  • Understanding sales channels 了解销售渠道

Lesson #3: Marketing Channels

第三课: 营销渠道

  • Multi-channel marketing 多渠道营销

  • Which market and sales channels work 哪些市场和销售渠道起作用

  • Building visibility and brand 建立知名度和品牌

  • Current & future movers and shakers in the e-commerce industry 电子商务行业当前和未来的有影响力的人物

Week #2


Lesson #1: Conversion Rate Optimization

第一课: 优化转化率

  • Introduction 引言

  • Product pages made to convert buyers 用于转换购买者的产品页面

  • Experience 经验

  • Using reviews 使用评论

  • Urgency and scarcity 紧迫感和匮乏感

  • Abandoned carts and follow up 弃置车辆及跟进

  • Increase your AOV (Average Order Value) 增加你的平均订单价值

  • Exit intent – capture lost traffic 退出意图-捕获丢失的流量

  • Split testing with Crazy Egg 用疯狂蛋进行对比测试

  • Increasing conversions on your e-commerce store 提高电子商务商店的转化率

  • Email marketing campaigns for your site 为你的网站开展电子邮件营销活动

  • Action tasks for optimizing your website for conversions 优化您的网站转换的行动任务

Lesson #2: SEO & Content Production

第二课: 搜索引擎优化和内容制作

  • Setting up your Google organic feed 建立你的谷歌有机饲料

  • Rank your product listing pages 对产品列表页面进行排名

  • E-commerce content marketing workflow 电子商贸内容营销流程

  • Technical SEO for e-commerce 电子商务技术 SEO

  • Making your content & transaction pages 制作内容和交易页面

  • E-commerce topical clusters 电子贸易专题组群

  • Content examples to look at 要查看的内容示例

Lesson #3: Content Promotion

第三课: 内容推广

  • Link building for e-commerce 电子商务的链接建设

  • Building links to content, PDPs, & PLPs 建立链接到内容,pdf,& PLPs

  • Social media and social proof leveraging 社交媒体和社会认证的杠杆作用

  • Social media platforms in the long-term 长期的社交媒体平台

  • Strategy for content promotion 内容推广策略

Week #3


Lesson #1: Amazon

第一课: 亚马逊

  • Keyword research for Google & Amazon rankings (and the differences) 谷歌和亚马逊排名的关键词研究(和差异)

  • Data sources 数据来源

  • How to write good copy, product descriptions, ads, and come up with different marketing “angles” for Amazon 如何写好的副本,产品说明,广告,并拿出不同的营销“角度”为亚马逊

  • Amazon promotions & lightning 亚马逊促销和闪电

  • Optimize your listings 优化你的列表

  • Using Facebook Messenger & Manychat 使用 google Facebook Messenger 和 Manychat

  • Amazon PPC 亚马逊 PPC

  • Sell more to your existing customers 向现有客户销售更多产品

Lesson #2: Sales Channels

第二课: 销售渠道

  • Getting higher rankings on marketplaces 在市场上获得更高的排名

  • Walmart – how to get set up and what to expect 沃尔玛-如何建立和期待什么

  • eBay – how to get set up and what to expect 易趣-如何建立和期待什么

  • Etsy – how to get set up and what to expect Etsy-如何设置和期望什么

  • Wish – how to get set up and what to expect 愿望-如何建立和期望什么

  • Facebook Commerce – how to win Facebook 商业-如何获胜

  • Getting traction on each platform & what to do to win in each platform 在每个平台上获得牵引力 & 如何在每个平台上取得胜利

Lesson #3: Marketing Types

第三课: 营销类型

  • E-commerce Marketing for (B2B) vs (B2C) (B2B)与(B2C)的电子商贸促销

  • Sales process for B2B e-commerce vs B2C B2b 电子商务与 B2C 的销售流程

  • Picking the one that’s right for you – do both or pick one? 选择一个适合你的——两者兼顾还是只选一个?

Week #4


Lesson #1: PLA Campaigns

第一课: 解放军战役

  • Setting everything up 一切准备就绪

  • Google dynamic remarketing 谷歌动态再营销

  • Google product listing ads (Google Shopping Ads) introduction + setting up 谷歌产品列表广告(谷歌购物广告)介绍 + 设置

  • Your PLA campaigns 你的解放军战役

  • Bing product listing ads + setting up 必应产品列表广告 + 设置

  • Facebook dynamic product ads + setting up DPA’s correctly 动态产品广告 + 正确设置 DPA

  • PLA + DPA summary Pla + DPA 总结

Lesson #2: Additional Marketing Channels

第二课: 额外的营销渠道

  • Instagram ads 图片分享广告

  • YouTube PPC – world’s 2nd largest search engine work to get you sales Youtube PPC-世界第二大搜索引擎的工作,让你的销售

  • Etsy PPC – what’s working on Etsy Etsy PPC-Etsy 的工作内容

  • Email marketing campaigns must have campaigns for e-commerce 电子邮件营销活动必须有电子商务活动

  • Automate your customer emails and gather reviews much faster 自动化你的客户电子邮件,收集评论要快得多

Lesson #3: Additional Channels

第三课: 额外的频道

  • Working with influencers 与有影响力的人合作

  • Push notification – lists & messaging 推送通知-列表和消息

  • Understanding your metrics (COGS, ROAS, ROI to see what SKUs to scale with) 了解您的指标(COGS、 ROAS、 ROI,以查看使用哪些 sku 进行扩展)

  • Case studies 案例研究

  • Summary 摘要

How can I follow along during the 4 weeks?


You’ll see videos released every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.


The videos are roughly 10 to 15 minutes in length on average so it shouldn’t take you more than an hour per week to follow along, including the completion of the homework assignments and worksheets.


To make things easier, the worksheets and homework assignments will be somewhat pre-filled so you will know what to do every step of the way.


No matter what, make sure you complete each assignment. Watching the videos is not enough.


Sure, the videos will teach you theories and strategies, but you also need to learn how to execute and implement. That’s why I want you to complete the worksheet and homework assignments.

当然,这些视频会教你理论和策略,但你也需要学习如何执行和实施。 这就是为什么我要你们完成工作表和家庭作业。

In total, I’m asking you to commit an hour each week. If you are new to marketing, maybe an hour and a half, which should be doable.